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Balões sensíveis 敏感的氣球 Sensitive balloons

Balões sensíveis num jardim de espinhos. A guerra é sempre em vão como  Uma bolha de sabão. 敏感的氣球在荊棘的花園裡。 戰爭永遠是徒勞的, 肥皂泡 Sensitive balloons in a garden of thorns. War is always in vain Like a soap bubble.

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Nada penso quando penso no nada.
Nothing I think when I think anything.

Respect is something else


The friendly citizens known as Mi-Mi-Mi Staff continue to plant their winters: is every future paranoid? Since these "living examples" collaborate with the system in the sectors of vigilance, standardization and punishment.
                            This robotic landscape goes beyond taking itself seriously.
                            All glittering comes from "I have priority service for someone who uses the terms and expressions that I think are appropriate." Poor people ...!
The vast majority of these people do not know five percent of the etymology of the expressions they use and believe themselves to be the guardian of respect: and as a lexicographer friend would say: "Words are my slaves, not the other way around!"
                            This kiss goes beyond advocating on its own ...

Mental leprosy, limiting bites, cuts with flesh, footsteps in coughs, betrayals and spells create: sheep from a flock that believes critical…

Material life (Super-action)

There was a time that was all there was.
It was an ideal of ravine.
Antonymia of the fury,
Love to show itself,
Recounting fittings,
Motives and senses once lost.
Supreme Strike,
Substantial Proof of the Divine,
Our Faith,
Free from Guides and Rabbis.
He discovered the kingdom in his own kingdoms.
He saw himself, was refreshed, and found
Himself in what was made known.
On the life that is left
Could not to lie, the lie.
Nor to cures platonic loves
In a Homeric transaction.
He remained alive in the legends,
Rediscovered in the myths.
In maritacas and parakeets.
Even the animals, they do not
Exchanges the said for the unsaid.
In this, there solemn mystery.
Just another whim.
Never was the apparent drapery.
He thow down all plumage and
Reveal the true image.
Valleys through many landscapes,
Hostels  of jellyfishes.
Discover something better
While yet is comming.
The reluctant fog,
Of this collage of cuts, disappeared.
Right there, after that austere hill.

Enjoy your time Aproveite o seu tempo

If time is money why spend your time trying earn money? Enjoy your time before it's over.
Se tempo é dinheiro, por que gastar seu tempo tentando ganhar dinheiro? Aproveite o seu tempo antes que acabe.
Zen Raikai Reiki

Metaquântica da Consciência Onisciente Metaquantik des allwissenden Bewusstseins

Metaquântica da Consciência Onisciente.

Postulado único:

A intuição estética é o fundamento da significação. Logo, o conjunto do universo dialógico-racional está contido em qualquer derivada, dentre as incontáveis representações da sensibilidade.
Marcelo Santos - istagram@thesunnyray1

Metaquantik des allwissenden Bewusstseins.

Postulat single:

Ästhetische Intuition ist die Grundlage der Bedeutung. Daher ist die Menge des dialogisch-rationalen Universums in jeder Ableitung unter den unzähligen Repräsentationen der Sensibilität enthalten.
Marcelo Santos - istagram@thesunnyray1

Metaquantic of omniscient consciousness.

Postulate single:

Aesthetic intuition is the basis of meaning. Therefore, the set of dialogical-rational universe in every derivation is included among the innumerable representations of sensibility.
Marcelo Santos - istagram@thesunnyray1

Love, my engine Amor, meu motor

It is said to be a esthete who feels and who adopts an exclusive and refined attitude towards art and life. Person who prioritizes aesthetic values.

Diz-se esteta aquele que sente e que adota uma atitude exclusiva e requintada com relação à arte e à vida. Pessoa que prioriza valores estéticos.